Givaudan Vernaldehyde

CAS# : 66327-54-6


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    Vernaldehyde, or green carbaldehyde, has a fresh, green, metallic, citrusy, mountain air character and blends very well with aldehydic citrus and woody notes. The product adds originality to a fragrance and imparts a natural aura. The unique freshness and diffusion of Vernaldehyde are vividly demonstrated when incorporated into floral blends such as lily-of-the-valley and lilac. It presents as a pale yellow clear liquid, leaving an indelible impression with a medium odor strength and an impressive substantivity of 116 hours on paper.As the name suggests, vernaldehyde, derived from 'vernal' signifying 'spring', encapsulates the rejuvenating essence of the season, known to spark freshness and vitality into perfume compositions. It introduces an innovative touch of metallic and citrus notes, evoking a modern, energetic feel to traditional fragrances.Historically, vernaldehyde has played a significant role in reshaping fragrance trends, embracing a shift towards fresh and invigorating scent profiles since its introduction. It continues to be highly valued for its unique ability to imbue a sense of new beginnings, mirroring the feel of a fresh spring morning. Invest in vernaldehyde, and let the allure of its distinctive scent bring a breath of innovation and springtime rejuvenation to your fragrance compositions.