Methyl ionone 30ml

Methyl ionone

Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 1335-46-2
N-methyl ionone, a yellow clear liquid, is a perfumery ingredient known for its distinct odor profile. It is characterized by its orris and violet scent, with powdery and woody undertones. This ingredient, belonging to the IRALIA® family, is considered indispensable in high-quality perfumes of various tonalities, including flowery, woody, chypre, and oriental fragrances. It imparts radiance and elegance to these perfumes. Used at concentrations ranging from 1 to 10%, and occasionally up to 20-25%, N-methyl ionone exhibits a strong orris and violet character with a hint of fruity notes. It has a more woody aspect compared to similar methylionones, resulting in a less refined floral scent. A cost-effective alternative, N-methyl ionone of the Isoraldeine 70 variety offers a fine, rich violet note with a dry and orris-like character. It is commonly incorporated into flowery, woody, spicy, and oriental accords, providing volume, diffusion, and a skin care effect. Similarly, the Isoraldeine 95 variety offers a fine, powdery violet note that complements flowery, woody, spicy, and oriental accords. Overall, N-methyl ionone offers a floral, rich, and sophisticated fragrance to perfumes.