Kao Ambroxan 3g

Kao Ambroxan

Our supplier : The Lermond CompanyCAS# : 6790-58-5

Ambroxan, also known as ambroxide, is an enchanting ingredient renowned in the world of perfumery. Appearing as pristine white crystals, this compound captures the essence of nature with its distinct and captivating aroma. It radiates a powerful woody fragrance, reminiscent of the depth of pine and cedar. The subtle undertones carry whispers of green seediness and the calming sophistication of tea.

Historically, Ambroxan finds its origins in the ambergris, a rare and precious substance excreted by sperm whales. For centuries, ambergris was treasured by perfumers for its unique aroma and longevity. However, as the need for sustainability grew, scientists sought an ethical and consistent alternative. Thus, Ambroxan emerged, synthetically reproducing the magic of ambergris.

Boasting an exceptional substantivity on paper of more than 400 hours, Ambroxan's resilience is a testament to its lasting impact. When integrated into fragrances, it not only enhances the perfume's longevity but also imparts a mesmerizing depth and warmth.