IFF Muguet Aldehyde 5ml / liquid solution @ 50% in DEP

IFF Muguet Aldehyde

CAS# : 7492-67-3
Muguet is french for lily of the valley. Muguet aldehyde, (AKA citronellyl oxyacetaldehyde or mugal), is a high-strength, aromatic ingredient presenting as a colorless, clear viscous liquid, fluidized in diethyl phtalate. It holds an exceptional substantivity of 356 hours on paper. Its dynamic and vibrant scent profile resonates with fresh, sweet, waxy, floral, and aldehydic nuances, underlined by a breathtaking honeysuckle and muguet duo. A surprising hint of rosy ozone-like note elevates its charm, adding an airy touch to its potent fragrance.