Beta-ionone 5ml


Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 79-77-6
(E)-beta-ionone is a fascinating perfumery ingredient that is renowned for its captivating olfactory properties. A neurobiologist studying the olfaction system would elucidate its multifaceted nature by describing its complex odor profile. This ingredient exudes an enchanting aroma that is characterized as dry, powdery, and floral, evoking a gentle wind carrying delicate petals through a serene meadow. It possesses hints of woody and orris notes, reminiscent of the earthy scent after a refreshing rainfall. The intoxicating fragrance also exhibits a distinct berry-like essence, with a sweet, fruity undertone that envelops the senses. There is an intriguing seedy quality that adds depth to its overall composition, interweaving with the other fragrant elements harmoniously. This ethereal liquid appears as a colorless to pale yellow substance, possessing a clarity that mirrors its allure. Its physical appearance perfectly complements its airy, ethereal olfactory qualities, further enhancing the sensory experience it contributes to perfumery. The (E)-beta-ionone ingredient showcases the intricate interplay between neurobiology and olfaction, capturing the essence of nature's aromatic wonders within a single molecule.