CAS# : 80-54-6


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Lilyall, a perfumery ingredient widely known for its olfactory attributes, exhibits a complex bouquet that mesmerizes the senses. With its floral, muguet, and watery notes, it evokes a refreshing and delicate ambiance, reminiscent of a blossoming garden. The infusion of green undertones adds a hint of vibrancy and energy, creating a harmonious fusion of nature's vibrant essence. The powdery facet further enhances this scent profile, imbuing it with a soft and enchanting quality. Notably, lilyall also possesses traces of cumin, imparting a subtle warmth and spiciness to the overall fragrance. In terms of physical appearance, lilyall is a colorless to pale yellow clear oily liquid, symbolizing its purity and transparency. Its fluidity serves as a metaphorical representation of its seamless integration into various perfume compositions. Overall, lilyall can be encapsulated in the poetic description of a fresh, green, and floral scent, reminiscent of light lilacs gracing the air with its uplifting presence.