Canadian organic scarlet beebalm essential oil 5ml

Canadian organic scarlet beebalm essential oil

Our supplier : AliksirCAS# : 91722-89-3
Red bergamot (scarlet beebalm, monarda didyma) essential oil, a colorless, clear liquid that carries a high-odor strength. This distinctive oil brings a remarkable aroma profile that merges the agrestic and herbaceous notes with a surprising modern twist of 'new car interior' smell.

Historically, the red bergamot plant, native to North America, was widely used by indigenous tribes for its medicinal properties. The essential oil made from it is a relatively recent addition to the perfumery world. An exploratory step away from the classic bergamot oil obtained from the citrus namesake, the Red Bergamot oil offers a uniquely refreshing and rejuvenating scent.