CAS# : 106-23-0


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Citronellal is a key ingredient in the world of perfumery, offering a plethora of olfactory notes that contribute to its unique scent profile. Its odor description includes sweet, dry, floral, herbal, waxy, aldehydic, and citrus qualities, with a strong emphasis on its fresh, green-citrusy character. This compound possesses a slightly woody undertone, adding depth to its overall olfactory profile. Due to its refreshing attributes, citronellal finds extensive use in citrus-lemongrass type fragrances. Its physical appearance is a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid, which further enhances its allure. Known for its versatile blending properties, citronellal harmonizes well with citrus notes, as well as citronella, herbal, and rose scents. Its fresh, citrusy-green notes create a delightful fruity-floral-herb fusion that captivates the senses and evokes nature's palette. As a neurobiology of olfaction scholar, the multifaceted nature of citronellal fascinates me, as it showcases how various scent compounds interact to create a complex olfactory experience.