CAS# : 106-24-1


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Geraniol is a highly versatile and widely used perfumery ingredient that embodies a complex olfactory profile. Its odor is described as sweet, floral, fruity, with prominent notes of rose and wax, as well as hints of citrus and citronella. This ingredient is of exceptional quality, particularly in terms of its rose and lemon characteristics. Geraniol finds application in various types of fragrances, especially those featuring rose accords and other florals. Its aromatic properties make it a valuable addition to personal care products, household items such as soaps and detergents, air fresheners, as well as fine perfumery. Its economical grade is especially suitable for soaps, detergents, and air fresheners, where it adds a touch of rose, metallic and citronella notes, combined with a subtle pear undertone. In terms of physical appearance, geraniol presents as a colorless clear liquid. Given its versatility and range of olfactory qualities, this perfumery ingredient is recommended for use in fine fragrances, personal care items, fabric care products, and home care scents, reinforcing the presence and appeal of a distinctive rose note, coupled with metallic, citronella, and fruity undertones.