Phenyl acetaldehyde

CAS# : 122-78-1


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Phenyl acetaldehyde, a colorless to pale yellow clear oily liquid, is an intriguing perfumery ingredient that engages multiple olfactory dimensions. With a complex and diverse odor profile, it encompasses an array of sensory experiences. The presence of green, sweet, and floral notes evokes images of vibrant hyacinths and blooming clover, while hints of honey, cocoa, and fermented qualities add a touch of richness and depth. A subtle powdery essence reminiscent of rose gently intertwines with the dominant sweet and floral characteristics. In addition, phenyl acetaldehyde presents a very strong, almost overpowering aroma, with intense green and hyacinth-like qualities. Its veiled nuances of apple, apricot, berry, cherry, chocolate, grapefruit, melon, orange, nutty, peach, peanut, vegetable, and wine-like characteristics further contribute to its complexity. In perfumery, phenyl acetaldehyde has been found to blend well with earthy-mossy notes and gums, creating a captivating composition. Overall, its multifaceted nature allows for endless creative possibilities in fragrance formulation, making phenyl acetaldehyde an invaluable ingredient in the art of perfumery.