CAS# : 125109-85-5


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Floral butanal, also known as Florhydral, is a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid that possesses a complex and enchanting olfactory profile. Its aroma can be described as intensely floral, with notes reminiscent of muguet, linden flower, and lily of the valley. The fragrance of floral butanal exudes freshness and vitality, capturing the essence of a blooming garden on a crisp spring morning. Its powerful nature allows it to be utilized in various areas of perfumery, adding a touch of naturalness and intensity to a wide range of scents. This versatile ingredient finds particular value in laundry products, where its fresh residual odor can create a desirable and invigorating experience. Additionally, floral butanal harmonizes well with aldehydes in citrus accords, imparting a sense of vibrancy and sophistication. Notably, it serves as an excellent enhancer for floral compositions, complementing the citrus notes splendidly while offering a non-restrictive lily of the valley note, allowing for creative freedom. With its captivating scent and versatility, floral butanal is an indispensable asset to the world of perfumery.