Trans alpha methyl ionone

CAS# : 127-42-4


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(E)-alpha-methyl ionone is a perfumery ingredient that exudes a delightful combination of sweet, floral, fruity, powdery, violet, orris, woody notes. With a multi-faceted aroma that encompasses a wide range of olfactory experiences, this ingredient adds a touch of elegance to many floral fragrances, especially those with violet as a central theme. Its sweet and powdery characteristics intertwine seamlessly with woody and leathery notes to create a harmonious composition. Moreover, (E)-alpha-methyl ionone complements and enhances violet, fruit, berry, and nut flavors, making it a versatile choice for flavorings as well. Visually, it presents itself as a colorless to yellow, clear liquid, hinting at its purity and transparency. Once applied, the olfactive allure of (E)-alpha-methyl ionone lingers with moderate tenacity, leaving an indulgent and memorable scent trail. As a scholar in the field of neurobiology of olfaction, investigating the intricate relationship between the chemical makeup of fragrance ingredients and human perception, (E)-alpha-methyl ionone entices with its captivating scent profile, captivating both the senses and the mind.