CAS# : 14901-07-6


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Beta-ionone is a perfumery ingredient that is known for its diverse and complex odor profile. Its aroma can be described as floral, woody, sweet, fruity, berry, tropical, beeswax, and green. It possesses a distinct violet orris sweet floral woody character, with an intense freesia note. The fragrance of beta-ionone is emphasized by a fruity, somewhat raspberry-like background. It has good substantivity, meaning it lasts well on the skin, and it is commonly used in all areas of perfumery. It blends well with other ingredients such as Abies Alba Mill, Ethyl-para-methyl-beta-phenyl Glycidate, Acetal Bois 12, Amyris, Cedrobase Lb385, Ionone Gums Floral-violet, and fruity-raspberry notes. Beta-ionone is often used alongside alpha-ionone, another isomer of ionone, as it appears as a minor constituent in the headspace of many flowers. It is particularly utilized in fragrances that contain woody notes and newer derivatives of Cyclohexanol. Additionally, beta-ionone is widely employed in lipstick fragrances due to its compatibility with fruity fragrance materials. It is a pale yellow clear liquid in its physical appearance.