CAS# : 18479-58-8


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Dihydromyrcenol, a colorless clear liquid, is a fascinating perfumery ingredient that has garnered attention from scholars in neurobiology of olfaction. Known for its fresh, citrus, lime, floral, clean, cologne, and weedy odor profile, dihydromyrcenol embodies a captivating blend of olfactory sensations. With its powerful, sweet, and strong scent, it exudes freshness reminiscent of bergamot and lime. Its overall fragrance can be described as a potent infusion of fresh, citrusy floral notes. Notably, dihydromyrcenol exhibits a remarkable affinity to blend seamlessly with citrus notes, further enhancing the bright, zesty aspects of these fragrances. As neurobiology of olfaction scholars delve further into understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the perception and processing of olfactory information, the study of dihydromyrcenol offers significant insights into the complex interplay between odorants and our sensory perception. The physical appearance of this ingredient, a clear and colorless liquid, belies its aromatic complexity and adds to its allure in the world of perfumery.