IFF Cashmeran

Our supplier : John D. Walsh

CAS# : 33704-61-9


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Cashmeran, also known as musk indanone takes the form of a colorless to pale yellow semi-solid or solid. Cashmeran boasts a substantial substantivity of 48 hours on paper, a testament to its long-lasting essence. The odor strength is pronounced yet not overwhelming, offering an engaging experience for the senses. Cashmeran’s scent profile is intricately layered, exuding a rich, spicy musk that's distinctly woody and clean. Its diffusive nature unveils a robust floral reinforcement, accompanied by a powdery, velvet undertone that amplifies its luxurious feel. You'll also find notes of aromatic apple, earthy undertones, woodsy accents, red fruit, and a hint of pine, culminating in a truly unique fragrance. Traced back to the 1970s, Cashmeran has been a key component in high-end perfumery, bringing an irreplaceable depth and warmth to countless scents.