IFF Vanoris

Our supplier : John D. Walsh

CAS# : 58430-94-7


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Nonisyl acetate, a colorless clear liquid, is a notable fragrance compound in the realm of olfaction, displaying a multifaceted aromatic profile that intricately engages the olfactory sensory neurons. This ester exhibits a complex olfactory character that harmoniously blends sweet, orris, cumin, and woody notes, creating a scent that is both nuanced and captivating. The floral-sweet nuances reminiscent of violet and iris are complemented by a fruity undertone akin to raspberry, which adds a delicate yet pronounced sweetness. Furthermore, its slightly herbaceous facet introduces a subtle depth, while the woody aroma, interwoven with soft floral notes of lavender, imparts a serene, earthy quality. This sophisticated interplay of scents renders nonisyl acetate a remarkable ingredient, rich in sensory cues that evoke both the familiar and the exotic, thus offering a versatile palette for perfumers aiming to craft intricate, multi-dimensional fragrances.