Phenyl ethyl alcohol

CAS# : 60-12-8


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Phenethyl alcohol, a versatile and widely used perfumery ingredient, is known for its floral and rose-like scent. It has been described as having the fragrance of dried roses, with sweet and fresh undertones. Its aroma also carries hints of bread and honey, adding to its complexity. As an odorant, phenethyl alcohol is relatively weak, but it is often employed in perfume compositions at rates ranging from 5% to 20% or higher. Arctander notes that despite its weakness, phenethyl alcohol enhances the rosy scent of other crystalline fixatives when combined, resulting in a longer-lasting and more balanced fragrance. This ingredient exhibits excellent stability and is widely accepted due to its low cost and general appeal. It effortlessly harmonizes with various perfume compositions, whether they lean towards floral, balsamic, Oriental, mossy, herbaceous, or modern-aldehydic categories. Manifesting as a colorless clear oily liquid, phenethyl alcohol embodies an essential component within the perfumery industry.