CAS# : 706-14-9


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Gamma-decalactone, a colorless to pale yellow clear oily liquid, is a perfumery ingredient renowned for its fresh, oily, and waxy odor. Its complex fragrance is characterized by notes of peach, coconut, butter, and sweetness, evoking a creamy and fruity sensation. Its distinct peachy character finds particular use in the creation of gardenia perfumes, enhancing their heavy floral compositions. This ingredient's sweet and fruity aroma is reminiscent of cocoa and vanilla, providing a rich and decadent quality to fragrances. With its lactonic and slightly fruity undertones, gamma-decalactone adds an irresistible touch of coconut and peach, resulting in a creamy, sweet, and persistent fragrance. Its remarkable longevity ensures that its fruity-peach, creamy, and sweet aroma lingers delicately on the skin. As noted by Arctander, this ingredient is frequently combined with synthetic musks to enhance its presence in floral perfume compositions, especially those inspired by Gardenia. Overall, gamma-decalactone is highly regarded for its sweet, fruity, and peachy characteristics, making it an essential component in the world of perfumery.