Our supplier : John D. Walsh

CAS# : 81782-77-6


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Violet decenol, a prominent molecule in the domain of perfumery, boasts an intricate sensory profile that captivates the olfactory system with its multifaceted aroma. Characterized by a compelling blend of green, oily, and floral elements, it conjures olfactory images of violet and lily, seamlessly interwoven with nuances of fresh linden-blossom and a seedy, fruity essence reminiscent of kiwi. This compound, integral to the structural elucidation of trace constituents in lily-of-the-valley, manifests a robust and potent green-floral character. In neurobiological terms, the activation of olfactory receptors by violet decenol likely involves a synergistic interaction between its diverse aromatic components, evoking a complex, multi-sensory experience. When utilized in perfumery, it enhances rose and fruity pear accords with its distinctive freshness, though its powerful olfactory strength necessitates meticulous dosing to prevent sensory overload. The pale yellow to yellow clear liquid is instrumental in recreating the renowned olfactory effect of methyl heptyne carboxylate, as evidenced in iconic fragrances like Jean-Louis Sieuzac’s Fahrenheit (Dior, 1988), where it contributes to the sweet, green, and infinitely intriguing violet allure.