Methyl isoeugenol

CAS# : 93-16-3


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Methyl isoeugenol, a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid, is an ingredient in perfumery that holds significant olfactory characteristics. With its distinct spicy and clove-like scent, it adds a touch of warmth to fragrance compositions. Its floral nuances, reminiscent of carnation blossoms, offer a delicate and sophisticated note. Additionally, it possesses woody undertones that contribute to its complexity and depth. Methyl isoeugenol's multifaceted aroma makes it a valuable component in various perfume formulations. Often used in Carnation bases, it serves as a fixative in spicy fragrances and provides a mildly spicy note in floral compositions, including rose and ylang-ylang. From a more technical standpoint, it blends harmoniously with other materials such as labdanum, woody notes, ionones, and derivatives of linalool. This versatile ingredient is commonly employed in fragrances of the "L'Origan" type, Oriental perfumes, and other aromatic concoctions. The combination possibilities are further expanded with the inclusion of opopanax or linalool, as well as their derivatives, offering a vast range of olfactory experiences.