Methyl benzoate

CAS# : 93-58-3


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Methyl benzoate, a colorless clear liquid, possesses a complex and intriguing olfactory profile. Its odor is characterized by an array of descriptors, including phenolic, wintergreen, almond, floral, cananga, chemical, and cherry. The dominant phenolic note is reminiscent of cresol or wintergreen oil, contributing a strong and distinctive presence to its overall scent. Sweet-floral undertones resembling ylang ylang and tuberose provide a delicate balance, adding an enticing and aromatic touch. Additionally, a fruity undertone subtly weaves through the fragrance, lending a hint of sweetness. With its pungent and heavy-sweet qualities, methyl benzoate blends well with a variety of other perfume ingredients, such as oakmoss, sandalwood, musks, para-Tolyl Methyl Ether, vetiver, and cinnamic alcohol. Its alluring and multi-faceted scent profile makes methyl benzoate an intriguing and versatile ingredient in perfumery.