Styrallyl acetate

CAS# : 93-92-5


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Styralyl acetate is a perfumery ingredient that possesses a complex and diverse odor profile. It evokes sensations of greenness, leafiness, and the delicate floral scent of gardenias. Additionally, it exhibits notes of rhubarb, giving it a slightly tart and fruity aroma. The ingredient also carries faint hints of mustiness and seediness, lending a unique and intriguing aspect to the overall scent. With its strong and radiant nature, styralyl acetate adds a herbal-green-fruity and floral touch to fragrances, reminiscent of gardenias. It does not possess the tenacity of apple, but instead imparts undertones of apricot, pineapple, plum, and fresh greenness. The odor can be further characterized as having berry nuances and a slight metallic quality. Styralyl acetate finds use in fragrances that incorporate fruity and green notes, frequently appearing in top-note complexes with ingredients like Oakmoss, Galbanum, Allyl ionone, and Citrus oils. Despite its initial harshness, it can be used at higher concentrations, often exceeding 2 or 3%. Careful evaluation is advised as the ingredient undergoes a noticeable mellowing effect over time. Styralyl acetate is a colorless to pale yellow liquid.