Our supplier : Marson Aroma

CAS# : 97-53-0


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Eugenol, a perfumery ingredient with a captivating charm, is a pale yellow to dark yellow clear liquid that holds medium odor strength. Its substantivity on paper lingers impressively for 52 hours, slowly releasing its characteristic scent. We recommend savoring its aroma in a solution of 10% or less to appreciate its complex bouquet.

Eugenol's odor is an enthralling symphony of sweet and spicy, accented by clove-like undertones. Woody elements ground this fragrance, while savory phenolic notes evoke tantalizing images of ham and bacon. Nuances of cinnamon and allspice add a final flourish, creating a truly captivating olfactory experience.

This compound has a fascinating history that dates back centuries. Derived initially from clove oil, eugenol has been a vital player in the perfume industry since the days of ancient Persia. From there, it journeyed along trade routes to Europe, where it was eagerly adopted by perfume masters, keen to incorporate its unique scent profile into their creations. Eugenol continues to be a celebrated and much-used ingredient in the world of perfumery, blending history and luxury in every drop.