Phenyl ethyl acetate 30ml

Phenyl ethyl acetate

Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 103-45-7
Phenethyl acetate, a colorless clear liquid, is a vital ingredient in the field of perfumery. Its olfactory profile is characterized by an exquisite blend of floral, rose, sweet, honey, fruity, tropical, yeasty, and cocoa notes, with a touch of balsamic freshness and a distinctly fruity pear undertone. Renowned perfumer Arctander extols its omnipresence in a range of perfume compositions, from everyday soap and detergent fragrances to luxurious cosmetic scents, room-sprays, and deodorants. This ingredient's versatility and affordability enable its extensive use in various fragrance types, including Rose, Jasmine, Hyacinth, Reseda, Freesia, Peony, Magnolia, Oriental, and even citrus-based fragrances. Its application can span from a mere 1 percent to mindfully higher concentrations, allowing perfumers to craft captivating scent experiences for a diverse range of olfactory preferences. Phenethyl acetate continues to be a beloved and indispensable element in the perfumer's palette, seamlessly adding its signature sweet, floral-rose, and gardenia, fruity-peach, honey, and green aromas to create captivating olfactory compositions.