Geranyl acetate

CAS# : 105-87-3


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Geranyl acetate, a colorless clear liquid, is a perfumery ingredient that exhibits a complex array of olfactory characteristics. Its odor is predominantly floral, evoking the essence of roses and lavender, with subtle undertones of green and waxiness. This aromatic compound is particularly renowned for its unique freshness, attributed to its content of Neryl Acetate. Geranyl acetate is widely employed in the creation of fragrances that showcase floral, fruity, herbaceous, and citrus notes. Its versatile nature allows it to be found in various fruit, berry, floral, and spice flavors as well. Notably, this ingredient plays a prominent role in the formulation of rose and tuberose complexes. In addition to its sweet and rosy fragrance, geranyl acetate also encompasses hints of citronella, metallic notes, and pear, as well as a fascinating mushroom-like accent. Its application extends beyond perfumery and into the realms of personal care, fabric care, and home care products, making it a highly valued component in the fragrance industry.