Citronellol 5ml


Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 106-22-9
Citronellol is a perfumery ingredient known for its complex and multifaceted olfactory properties. It emits a floral, leathery, and waxy aroma with distinct notes of rose and citrus. The fragrance is described as fresh, clean, and reminiscent of roses, making it a popular choice for fine fragrances. With its rich, rosy geranium, and citronella character, Citronellol adds depth and complexity to perfumes. Its physical appearance is a colorless to pale yellow liquid that is soluble in alcohol and perfume oils, sparingly soluble in water, and insoluble in glycerin. This versatile ingredient is also soluble in propylene glycol. Overall, Citronellol contributes a clean, floral, sweet, fruity, and waxy scent with a hint of leather, making it a valuable component in perfumery.