CAS# : 106-25-2


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Nerol, a colorless clear liquid, is an ingredient commonly used in perfumery for its distinct olfactory properties. With a sweet and natural aroma, nerol exhibits notes of neroli, citrus, magnolia, and fresh green elements. It embodies a combination of sweet lemon and lime with waxy and spicy undertones. Blending harmoniously with ivy absolute, cananga, cardamom, coriander, and ginger, nerol enhances the scent profiles of petitgrain, bergamot, and bois de rose. Notably, nerol imparts a sweet, fresh citrus-rose scent that complements geranium, citral, verbena, ozone, and even pear notes. Widely utilized in floral accords, it provides a refreshing and "wet" seashore essence while lending a sense of freshness to rose accords. Arctander notes that nerol, although not as prevalent as geraniol or citronellol, is indispensable in achieving the desired freshness in rose bases. It finds its application in various fragrance types, including sweet-floral fragrances (such as Mimosa, Magnolia, Lilac) and citrus colognes (like Muguet and Orchid). Even at low concentrations, around one or two percent, nerol significantly contributes to the overall composition.