Linalyl acetate

CAS# : 115-95-7


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Linalyl acetate, a colorless clear liquid, is an essential ingredient in perfumery known for its complex and multi-dimensional olfactory profile. It emits a sweet, green aroma with hints of citrus, bergamot, lavender, and woody undertones. Its fragrance is characterized by a combination of sweet, green, floral, and spicy notes, creating a clean and refreshing scent. The woody and terpenic elements add depth and complexity to the overall aroma. Linalyl acetate also exhibits fruity nuances, reminiscent of pears, with a touch of freshness. Its floral aspects evoke the essence of bergamot, petitgrain, and lime citrus, creating a harmonious blend of floral and citrus notes. With its versatility, linalyl acetate seamlessly blends well with other ingredients such as 2-methyl-4-phenyl-2-butyl isobutyrate, decahydro-beta-naphthyl acetate, orangeflower absolute, dihydroterpinyl acetate, and abies alba mill citrus notes, enhancing the overall fragrance composition. Its captivating blend of sweet, green, citrus, woody, and floral characteristics makes linalyl acetate an essential component in the art of perfumery.