Methyl salicylate

CAS# : 119-36-8


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Methyl salicylate, a colorless to pink clear liquid, is a perfumery ingredient with a complex and diverse olfactory profile. Its odor can be described as wintergreen, minty, sweet, root beer, aromatic, phenolic, camphoreous, spicy, curative, fruity, and grape-like. The warm-spicy note combined with its sweet and rooty-fruity undertones contributes to its unique medicinal character. Methyl salicylate blends well with pennyroyal, orange oil, patchouli, and gums, enhancing their olfactory compositions. The pungent-sweet odor of this ester is reminiscent of the flavor or odor of mint, which is commonly associated with candy or dentifrice. Interestingly, individuals who are familiar users of these products may describe the odor as "minty," while those who are not users often provide the most accurate odor descriptions. With its multifaceted olfactory characteristics, methyl salicylate adds depth and complexity to various fragrance compositions.