CAS# : 1205-17-0


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Ocean propanal is an ingredient commonly used in perfumery that imparts a refreshing, watery, and green scent. Its olfactory profile includes notes of ozone, cyclamen, and the scent of fresh-cut hay. The aroma is reminiscent of a dewy, floral bouquet, with hints of lily of the valley and muguet. This aldehydic compound possesses a fixative quality and is often used in combination with other fragrance materials to enhance their naturalness. It is particularly influential in the creation of perfumes such as Diorella and Dior Dior, where it works synergistically with compounds like Hedione to achieve exceptional olfactory compositions. Helional, as it is also known, is highly regarded for its infinite qualities and endless creative possibilities. In its physical state, it appears as a pale yellow to yellow clear oily liquid, adding to its versatility as an ingredient in perfumery.