Amyl cinnamic aldehyde 5ml

Amyl cinnamic aldehyde

Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 122-40-7
Alpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde, a perfumery ingredient, has a complex and diverse odor profile. It is characterized by its sweet, floral, oily, fruity, herbal notes, reminiscent of several natural flowers, particularly jasmin, gardenia, and tuberose. The addition of more volatile chemicals with floral characteristics enhances its jasmin-like floralness. This ingredient blends well with other fragrances and aids in fixation due to its high tenacity. However, it is crucial to prevent oxidation of alpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde, as it can develop an unpleasant rancid-fatty odor if not properly treated with an antioxidant. Some lower grades of this ingredient may exhibit by-odors of benzaldehyde, heptaldehyde, or amyl nonenal, also known as di-heptenal. In terms of appearance, it presents as a pale yellow to yellow clear liquid. Overall, alpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde contributes to perfumery formulations with its floral, fruity, and tropical characteristics, adding a touch of freshness and spice to the olfactory experience.