Alpha-ionone 30ml


Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 127-41-3
Alpha-ionone is a perfumery ingredient that has a sweet, woody, floral, violet, orris, tropical, and fruity odor. It is widely used in perfume compositions of almost all types, particularly in rose bases. This ingredient is also used in fragrances that have woody, floral, balsamic, piney, or citrus-like notes. It has good substantivity, meaning it has the ability to last and remain detectable on the skin. Alpha-ionone lends a violet and berry note to fragrances and is often used in floral accords. It provides a warm, woody, balsamic-floral aroma and gives fragrances a violet flower nuance. In its physical form, alpha-ionone appears as a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid. Overall, alpha-ionone is a valuable and versatile ingredient in the perfumery industry, adding complexity and depth to a wide range of fragrances.