Methyl anthranilate

CAS# : 134-20-3


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Methyl anthranilate is a perfumery ingredient with a fruity and grape-like odor, reminiscent of orange flower and neroli. It is a versatile material that closely resembles orange flower, making it valuable in floral blends such as neroli and orange blossom, as well as in exotic compositions like gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine. Its warm, sweet, and floral notes contribute to the overall scent profile, imparting warmth, volume, and sweetness to various types of perfumes. Methyl anthranilate has a musty-fruity character and blends well with other ingredients like petitgrain, nonanal, and citrus notes. Its tenacity ensures that its aroma is long-lasting, and it is frequently used in Cashmere bouquet type fragrances and other Oriental, heavy floral, or sweet-woody perfume compositions. Additionally, it has the potential to undergo chemical processes when combined with certain aldehydes and ketones, leading to the formation of condensation products. Physically, methyl anthranilate appears as a pale yellow to dark yellow clear liquid or solid.