Benzyl acetate

CAS# : 140-11-4


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Benzyl acetate is a colorless clear liquid that possesses a complex and multi-faceted odor profile. With sweet, floral, and fruity notes, it offers a delightful olfactory experience reminiscent of jasmine. Its fresh, aromatic character adds a touch of vibrancy to its overall composition. As a perfume ingredient, benzyl acetate is widely used due to its versatility, ranging from affordable industrial odors to prestigious cosmetic fragrances. In fact, it frequently serves as the primary component in jasmine and gardenia fragrances. While its low tenacity may pose a challenge, this can be overcome through skillful blending with higher esters of benzyl alcohol and suitable fixatives. It readily complements other fragrance ingredients, such as acetophenone, benzyl isobutyrate, atractylis, benzyl isovalerate, and benzyl propionate. Despite its volatility, benzyl acetate's ability to contribute to a diverse range of scents in the olfactory landscape makes it an advantageous addition to perfumery.