Rose oxide

CAS# : 16409-43-1


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(Z)-Rose oxide is a perfumery ingredient with a complex olfactory profile. It emits a green, rose and red rose scent with spicy and fresh undertones. It also possesses notes of geranium, green vegetables, and herbs, with a subtle camphor-like aroma. This compound is commonly used in the production of synthetic rose and geranium oils due to its intense floral and rosy fragrance. It has been found to be stable in a variety of personal care products such as body lotion, shampoo, soap, and powder, but less so in citric cleaners and bleach. The physical appearance of (Z)-Rose oxide is a pale yellow to yellow clear liquid. Notably, when the compound is diluted, it exhibits a more noticeable resemblance to geranium, enhancing its rose-like character. Overall, (Z)-Rose oxide is known for its penetrating and diffusive properties, making it a valuable ingredient in the world of perfumery.