Cedrol methyl ether

CAS# : 19870-74-7


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Cedrol methyl ether, a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid, is a captivating perfumery ingredient that evokes a woody, dry, and cedar-like aroma, reminiscent of ambergris and earthiness, with subtle hints of vetiver. Its dry and diffusive nature makes it an excellent choice for perfumes, lending a true ambergris note alongside rich woody cedarwood and dry earthy vetivert undertones. The interplay of its woody, cedarwood, and amber characteristics harmonizes exceptionally well with other fragrance components such as Verto fix and methyl cedryl ketone, enhancing their synergy. Notably, when paired with stronger amber ingredients like Ambrofix or Fixateur 505, cedrol methyl ether exhibits an extraordinary and bright quality, resembling a fusion of amber and patchouli. Its versatility extends to both luxury and functional perfumery, where it imparts a unique and uncommon character, and flawlessly fixes floral-aldehydic notes, including undecylenic and cyclamen aldehydes, Lilial, Lyral, and various others. Cedrol methyl ether indeed possesses a vibrant allure that adds vitality and dimension to a wide range of olfactory creations.