CAS# : 31906-04-4


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Leerall is a perfumery ingredient that exhibits a floral, muguet, cyclamen, rhubarb, and woody odor profile. It possesses a soft delicate floral scent, reminiscent of hydrocycitronellal, with extraordinary tenacity and diffusivity. This ingredient is known for its powerful blending capabilities, providing richness and depth to perfume compositions in all stages of dryout. It imparts a sweet and floral tone and is frequently used in floral fragrances, particularly in muguet accords. Its uniqueness lies in its fine light flower tone, which exhibits exceptional longevity. Resembling hydroxycitronellal, leerall blends well with resinoids like styrax, adding a floral-muguet, aldehydic, and powdery facet to the compositions. It is highly regarded by perfumers, with Arctander praising its floral volume and its ability to outperform other floral chemicals. Its application has continuously expanded from soaps to cosmetic fragrances which require tenacity and sweet-powdery, stable terminal notes. Leerall is a colorless to pale yellow clear viscous liquid, exuding its olfactory characteristics in its physical appearance.