CAS# : 32210-23-4


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Woody acetate is a perfumery ingredient that exhibits a complex and sophisticated odor profile, encompassing woody, cedar, floral, oily, herbal, balsamic, green, and fruity notes. It has a floral, woody-orris character, adding a touch of elegance to fragrances. LORYSIA®, the brand name for this ingredient, is highly versatile, stable, and substantive, making it suitable for a wide range of fragrance applications. It possesses a sweet, rich, and woody scent that blends harmoniously with ionones, enhancing the overall fragrance quality of functional products. With its economical floral, fruity, and woody characteristics, it becomes an essential component in the creation of various perfume blends. Its compatibility with Lilial, sweet, woody, orris, and creamy notes further expands its blending possibilities, allowing it to complement different types of fragrances, from pine to rose, and from woody to floral scents. In terms of physical appearance, woody acetate is a colorless, clear, and oily liquid. Renowned for its versatility and success in the perfume industry, this ingredient has gained widespread popularity as a blender and modifier in creating perfumes with varying volumes and compositions.