CAS# : 32388-55-9


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Methyl cedryl ketone (aka Vertofix), a perfumery ingredient, exhibits a rich and complex olfactory profile rooted in the woody and vetiver realm. With hints of amber and a leathery quality, it emanates a warm precious wood aroma with musky undertones. Its diffusion is potent and long-lasting, ensuring its presence lingers on the skin or in the air. This ingredient can also be described as having a resinous note, evoking the essence of cedarwood. Its physical appearance manifests as a clear oily liquid, ranging in color from yellow to brown. Methyl cedryl ketone harmoniously blends with the scents of Kephalis and Iso E Super, further enhancing its warm, woody, and musky character. Overall, this fragrance ingredient encapsulates the enduring allure of a deep, woody scent with a touch of musk.