Methyl cedryl ketone 30ml

Methyl cedryl ketone

Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 32388-55-9
Methyl cedryl ketone, a perfumery ingredient, exhibits a rich and complex olfactory profile rooted in the woody and vetiver realm. With hints of amber and a leathery quality, it emanates a warm precious wood aroma with musky undertones. Its diffusion is potent and long-lasting, ensuring its presence lingers on the skin or in the air. This ingredient can also be described as having a resinous note, evoking the essence of cedarwood. Its physical appearance manifests as a clear oily liquid, ranging in color from yellow to brown. Methyl cedryl ketone harmoniously blends with the scents of Kephalis and IsoESuper, further enhancing its warm, woody, and musky character. Overall, this fragrance ingredient encapsulates the enduring allure of a deep, woody scent with a touch of musk.