IFF Iso E Super

Our supplier : John D. Walsh

CAS# : 54464-57-2


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Iso E Super (AKA patchouli ethanone, Timbersilk, Iso Gamma Super, Sylvamber, etc.) is a renowned perfumery ingredient revered for its distinctive, multifaceted aroma profile. It's characterized by a colorless to pale yellow appearance and exhibits an enduring substantivity on paper of 172 hours. While it's odor takes some training to perceive by itself (it's one of the heaviest molecule on the market), its scent envelops the senses in a symphony of woody dry ambergris, cedar, old wood, ketonic, and phenolic notes. It's uniquely 'velvet-like' sensation provides a smooth, luxurious texture to the fragrance experience. Since its development in the 1970s, Iso E Super has been widely utilized in fine fragrances to offer a subtle strength and fullness that round out compositions and amplify the performance of floral elements, lending an exceptional richness to the bouquet. Its ubiquitous presence in contemporary perfumery speaks to its unassailable appeal and ability to elevate and transform scent profiles. Ideal for the perfume connoisseur seeking to add depth and elegance to their fragrance creations.