CAS# : 57378-68-4


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Delta-damascone, a member of the rose ketone family, is a perfumery ingredient with a complex and versatile odor. It has been described as fruity, sweet, and rose, with notes of natural petals, black currant buds, tobacco, and woods. Additionally, it carries hints of mint and herbal undertones, giving it a unique profile. With its fruity and earthy characteristics, this ingredient offers a diffusive rosy note that sets it apart from other damascones. It blends well with aldehydic, floral, woody, herbal, citrus, and fruity notes, making it a valuable addition to perfumes. In terms of cost-effectiveness, it stands out as a highly economical rose ketone. Its physical appearance is a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid. According to the neurobiology of olfaction scholar, Arcadi Boix Camps, delta-damascone exhibits a striking metallic fruity nuance, distinguishing it from alpha-damascone while having less cinnamic impact. Although it may be less linear and clean compared to other isomers, its remarkable fruity impact makes it a valuable asset in perfumery.