Dextro-limonene 5ml


Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 5989-27-5
Dextro-limonene is a prominent ingredient in perfumery and reveals a delightful range of olfactory characteristics. With its citrusy, orange-like aroma, it presents an invigorating and lively essence that evokes freshness and sweetness. The scent of dextro-limonene is reminiscent of peels from various citrus fruits, exuding tangy and fruity notes. It carries nuances of tangerine, celery, and lemon oil, imparting a complex and multi-faceted olfactory experience. While its terpene-like qualities give it a slight harshness, the overall impression is one of a sweet and light citrus fragrance, akin to the scent of orange peel oil. Dextro-limonene seamlessly blends with other citrus notes and can enhance the aromatic profile of perfumes with its refreshing, citric qualities. In terms of physical appearance, it manifests as a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid, allowing for easy incorporation into various fragrance formulations. In conclusion, dextro-limonene is a prized ingredient in the perfumery world for its citrusy, fresh, and sweet scent, providing a harmonious addition to olfactory compositions.