Our supplier : John D. Walsh

CAS# : 63500-71-0


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Floral pyranol is a versatile olfactory component extensively utilized in perfumery for its fresh, clean, and natural floral character that prominently features muguet (lily-of-the-valley) and bois de rose nuances. This colorless to pale yellow clear oily liquid serves as a substantive and stable building block in fragrance formulation, capable of delivering elegant floral diffusion without altering the core identity of the composition. Its adaptability allows it to replace less stable floral aldehydes while providing a creamy muguet note that harmonizes well with muguet aldehydes such as Bourgeonal and Dupical. The multifaceted nature of floral pyranol makes it an efficient general floralizer, enabling its integration into various olfactory directions ranging from herbal and citrus to purely floral constructs. The compound's fresh, soft, and earthy undertones enhance the overall sensory profile, reflecting a refined yet resilient floral essence that finds application across a broad spectrum of perfume types.