CAS# : 67634-15-5


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Ozone propanal, a colorless clear liquid, is an intriguing perfumery ingredient renowned for its olfactory qualities. Its odor profile is characterized by powerful, clean, and fresh notes reminiscent of the ocean and marine life, evoking a sense of greenness and purity. This ingredient provides a lift to fragrances without overpowering them, thanks to its neutral nature. It emits a strong, clean scent akin to fresh air and sea air, with aldehydic and floral undertones, particularly reminiscent of lily of the valley. Ozone propanal is stable in various personal care products such as body lotion, shampoo, and soap, proving its versatility and longevity. Its unique qualities, including its fresh and tart melon character, make it a valuable addition to fragrances. Considered an aldehyde compound, ozone propanal exhibits a character that is fresh, ozone-like, with hints of the sea and a green note. Overall, this ingredient holds immense potential for innovation in the field of perfumery.