Triplal 5ml


Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 68039-49-6
2,4-ivy carbaldehyde, a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid, is a perfumery ingredient known for its distinct olfactory characteristics. Its odor can be described as green, aldehydic, leafy, cortex, tart, floral, and peely. It possesses a powerful cyclal C character, which makes it a key component in many modern compositions. This ingredient adds a vibrant and natural green quality to fragrances, blending beautifully with fruity, citrus, agrestic, and floral compositions. It is also utilized to enhance and strengthen classic green notes. With a strong green note, it exhibits a minty-earthy sidenote that sharpens its overall scent. Furthermore, this ingredient exudes a refreshing tartness akin to lemon and bergamot peels, reminiscent of freshly cut lawns and crisp cucumber. Its versatility allows for stability in various body care products such as body lotion and shampoo, while its efficacy may be limited in others like powder or bleach cleansers. Overall, 2,4-ivy carbaldehyde offers a powerful and invigorating aroma with its green, herbal, and citrus undertones.