Cedryl acetate

CAS# : 77-54-3


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Cedryl acetate, as an esteemed perfumery ingredient, exhibits a distinct olfactory profile characterized by its dry, woody, and cedar-like aroma, with a touch of powdery essence. This compound emits a light cedar and vetivert scent, augmented by sweet woody undertones and a long-lasting sharpness. Its unique composition amalgamates soft cedar-woody-earthy notes, giving rise to an earthy-mossy element that blends harmoniously with other compounds such as +2-ethyl-6,6-dimethyl-2-cyclohexene carboxylic acid ethyl ester and Calamus oil. Furthermore, it harmonizes seamlessly with the essences of vetiver, cedarwood, leather, and balsamic, contributing to the complexity and depth of fragrances in which it is employed. In terms of its physical appearance, cedryl acetate presents as a pale yellow, viscous liquid that can potentially solidify under certain conditions. Accurately depicted by Arctander as possessing a woody fragrance with faint leathery undertones and an earthy aura, this compound bears a slight semblance to Vetiver acetate. Its distinct notes of charcoal, dryness, and balsamic qualities further contribute to its allure and versatility within the realm of perfumery.