CAS# : 78-70-6


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Linalool is a highly versatile and widely used ingredient in perfumery compositions across various fragrance types and price ranges. Its complex aroma is described as citrus, floral, sweet, bois de rose, woody, green, blueberry, and terpenic, encompassing a range of scent profiles. Originally recognized as a Lily-of-the-Valley (Muguet) component, linalool has found its way into countless floral types, Oriental, Ambre, aldehydic, herbaceous, and other fragrance families. It can even be utilized in citrus and woody compositions, adding a refreshing lift to overall heavier blends. Arctander, a renowned perfumer, highlights its mellowing effect on more volatile fragrances and its excellent performance as a modifier and blender. The physical appearance of linalool is that of a colorless clear liquid. With its diverse olfactory characteristics and functional properties, linalool proves to be an invaluable ingredient in the art of perfumery.