IFF Edenolide 30ml

IFF Edenolide

Our supplier : John D. WalshCAS# : 478695-70-4

Edenolide is a creamy, powdery musk with ripe apple nuances Edenolide's aromatic profile is a contemporary twist on classical musk, creating a harmonious blend that's innovative yet familiar.

The ingredient's name, "Edenolide," echoes its origins - reminiscent of the bountiful, lush freshness of Eden. An olfactive Eden it is, it evokes the irresistible lure of a verdant paradise filled with a cornucopia of fruits. This nod to one of the world's most timeless narratives elevates the sensorial journey of Edenolide, taking the wearer on an epic journey from the dawn of creation to the sophisticated present. Discover the unique aroma of Edenolide and let it transport you into an aromatic haven of freshness, warmth, and subtle sensuality.