Canadian white cedar organic essential oil

Our supplier : Aliksir

CAS# : 8007-20-3


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White cedar (thuja occidentalis) leaf oil is a remarkably rich and complex natural perfumery ingredient. Extracted from the enduringly robust white cedar tree, historically cherished by Native Americans for its medicinal benefits, this oil brings together the untamed essence of the wild.

Presented as a pale yellow clear liquid, its high-odor strength promises an enveloping olfactory experience. The primary notes are a unique fusion of cedar and woody scents, grounding your senses with a comforting earthiness. These are intricately laced with spicy and aromatic undertones, invoking a stimulating warmth, while camphoreous and thujonic elements introduce a refreshing, clean dimension.

Hints of herbal and green tones evoke visions of dense forest canopies, harmoniously blended with a delicate hay-like aroma, reminiscent of serene countryside landscapes. With substantivity on paper of up to 8 hours, the captivating fragrance of our White Cedar Leaf Oil lingers, offering a lasting sensory experience.