CAS# : 88-41-5


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Green acetate is a perfumery ingredient with a plethora of aromatic qualities that make it highly desirable in the creation of fragrances. Its odor can be described as fruity, woody, and reminiscent of green apples and herbs. The fragrance it imparts is fresh and fruity, with citrus undertones such as bergamot and lime, as well as a woody-camphor-like scent commonly found in conifer trees. Additionally, green acetate has a spicy note akin to marjoram. This ingredient is known for its powerful and intense aroma, which blends seamlessly with other fragrances. It adds a fruity tea-like aspect to floral scents or acts as a simple woody tone. Despite its strength, green acetate harmonizes well with other aromatic compounds. Visually, it appears as a colorless to pale yellow liquid, although it can also solidify. Green acetate is particularly compatible with Calamus, making it a good choice as a blender in perfumery.